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Nation Inclusion Week 2020

Nation Inclusion Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace and celebrate it in all its forms by sharing, promoting, and inspiring inclusion practices and culture.

The theme for National Inclusion Week this year is Each One, Reach One. It is about individuals and organizations connecting and inspiring each other to make inclusion in everyday reality.



National Inclusion Week provides us all with a great occasion to think, learn and identify what we can do to be better to one another.

At CareTrade we are proud to support inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. We believe that allowing our employees and students to be authentic and unique will help them to unlock their full potential and be the best they can in everything they do.

As a charity providing innovative opportunities for autistic Londoners to transition from school/college towards and into employment, we would like to take this opportunity and highlight the importance of disability inclusion in workplace. It is more than just hiring people with disabilities. It is creating a workplace where employees with disabilities are valued for their strengths and have the same opportunities to succeed, to grow professionally, to be compensated fairly, and to advance.

Latest news

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