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Sleep Workshop at The Nest- Southwark

The Autism project collaborated with The Nest Southwark Wellbeing hub to support students with their mental health and wellbeing. Prevention and early intervention is key to prevent mental health deterioration and The Autism project has an ambition to ensure that 100% of the students receive mental health and wellbeing support.


The Nest provides young people 13 – 25 years old and families with the

opportunities, experiences and tools to enable them to develop their physical, emotional and social capabilities. Their non-clinical intervention offers youth work, person-centred counselling, psychological wellbeing practices and traditional talking therapies via 1:1 sessions, group work, virtual resources and peer mentoring. They also offer early intervention and prevention for emotional issues and low-level mental health such as worries, anxieties and stress.

For the Mental Health Awareness day, The Autism project students participated in The Nest Southwark led workshops about Sleep. Some of the students have also visited the Nest wellbeing hub where they met the wellbeing lead and participated in workshops.


The Autism Project students really enjoyed the workshops and looking forward to receive more.

To find out more about The Nest please visit their website:

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