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National Cholesterol Month 2020

October is officially known as a National Cholesterol Month. It  is yet another good opportunity to raise the awareness, celebrate and encourage the importance of keeping ourselves in a good shape by living a healthy lifestyle.

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in our body and many foods. We all need it to function normally, but having too much of cholesterol can clog up the arteries and lead to health problems in the future.

As we support young autistic adults, it is very important for to promote and educate our students about healthy habits and lifetime choices. Being proactive about cholesterol is a simple way to improve the quality of our overall health and well-being.

We can achieve that by following these few simple directives:

  • Increasing our consumption of low-fat and high-fiber food (fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains).
  • For adults, getting at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week.
  • For those aged 6 – 17, getting 1 hour or more of physical activity each day.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Not smoking.

During the month of October, we have implemented many health-related activities, to help our students gain valuable knowledge and skills they can easily transfer into their everyday life. From regular wellbeing sessions, including mindfulness and physical exercises available for our TAP  students to introducing fully vegetarian / vegan friendly menu to our customers and those who are taking a part of the School House Café traineeship, teaching them about healthy diet as well as teaching simple techniques and recipes that are easy to make at home.

Latest news

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