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Neurodiversity Celebration Week – Grace

This week we are sharing stories from CareTrade Participants and staff

Today is the turn of Grace and her role as a Job Coach on The Autism Project

I am a neurodiverse job coach. I have dyslexia. I work as a Job Coach for The Autism Project. I have a sister with Autism and have worked with young people and adults with individual learning needs for over 10 years.

I am passionate about giving young people opportunities to stretch their current potential, celebrate their unique skills and talents, and help others to see this too.

I want to break down barriers and show what people with Autism and other Neurodiverse needs can bring to the world of work.

I believe everyone deserves a job and has something to bring to a job. It is about educating companies and businesses about thinking outside the box. As well as more inclusively about what people with Neurodiversity can bring to a workplace.

I also have learned about how to use more of my creative side and people skills to support my learners in the workplace.

This job has shown me that I can make a difference every day. It is not just in helping our young people to find paid employment. It is about celebrating together their skills, having people around them to support, encourage, and be a voice for their needs. To help enable them to have more independence and opportunities for the future.

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