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Neurodiversity Celebration Week- Nathan and Josiah

This week we are sharing stories from CareTrade Participants and staff

Today is the turn of Nathan and Josiah, both participants on our Over 25s programmes


Hi, my name is Nathan Scott, and I am Autistic. I joined CareTrade in 2022, looking for work in archiving, portering and administration.

I have learned that being Autistic means my brain works differently to other people, but I no longer feel scared of being different. I now travel independently and have had opportunities to socialise too.

I have been successful at a job interview and am now a staff member within the NHS.




Josiah joined CareTrade in 2022, full of positivity and a commitment to furthering is independence skills.

Josiah has a diagnosis of Autism and has additional learning disabilities. With support, Josiah learned that he masks and was not initially comfortable with telling people what he needs.

Josiah has dismantled myths that Autistic people are shy and started and completed a barista training course, where he showed excellent customer service skills. He also learned all about coffee, which showed that learning disabilities may have an impact but not an impairment.

Josiah regularly attends CareTrade socials and job clubs, looking for the right opportunity for him to show off his coffee making abilities.

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