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Neurodiversity Celebration Week- Nat’s Story

This week we are sharing stories from CareTrade Participants

Today is the turn of Nat and his Autism Project journey.

Nat’s Story

Me and my mum found tap after my apprenticeship. We were looking at things that an autistic person can do. We planned where to go and how to get there for the first time. We spoke to staff about what placement and opportunities there are.

I have found it helpful, and my mum has said it has helped improve my confidence; being able to travel independently up to London.  At The Autism Project (TAP) I feel understood. My mum also wanted me to go to placements unfamiliar to help me build myself.

I like the placements such as at the National Theatre archive, it is exactly what I wanted in a workplace. It was quiet, I had my own space, and I could work at my own speed, whilst feeling supported. TAP helped to provide that for me

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